House rule: Never invite to a party someone that was once engaged to a member of the household.

So in this crazy dream Chris and I decided to get a house together.

The place that we decided on was a renovated apartment building, much like both of us live in now. It was three stories, with the walls dividing the apartments on the first and second floor removed, making a huge lounge/living room on the first floor and a game room and full kitchen on the second floor. The third floor was left intact, leaving it pretty much as our apartments are now. Also, the landlord was a butcher and active serial killer. He was sure to tell us this when he introduced himself to us. Also also, the house was apparently haunted. Can’t complain though. The rent was super cheap and all utilities and electric were included.

So we get this awesome house for next to nothing, decide to throw an absolutely amazing party, and invite everyone we know. Heck, since our place was so big we told them to invite everyone they knew, too.

The party gets underway and, of course, we run out of milk. (I wonder why, Chris) I head out to pick up more milk and some other provisions and run into Kentnasty at the store.

"Oh hey," he says. "I don’t know if anyone told you or not, but there was some girl that got invited that said that she knew you from a long time ago; I forget her name though."

I think nothing of Kentnasty’s comment, gather my things, and head back to the party to find Chris getting into his car.

"Where are ya going?" I ask.

"She’s there, Jordan. I can’t believe it. Someone had the nerve to invite her." Apparently, someone I had invited invited someone who invited his ex-wife. I sit outside for a couple minutes, talking to Chris about the predicament. "C’est la vie," he says.

I hand Chris his gallon of milk and make my way inside. I open the door and who do I see? Tatiana. (For those that don’t know she’s some girl that lives in Iowa I dated and proposed to.) A friend of a friend of a friend of Chris’s invited her. And… The shock of seeing her woke me up, ending the dream.

So new house rule: never invite to a party someone that was once engaged to a member of the household. Agreed?