OMG! I can’t believe it…It’s the official trainer battle theme for Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire! 

This theme sounds just amazing and this gets me more and more excited for the full game ! ♥

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The Team Aqua/Magma Leader Battle theme…entirely on kazoo.

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Warning: It might be a little loud.

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I don’t mean to get all “90s kid” on everyone, but it just occurred to me that there are now a sizable number of people on the internet who don’t remember what it was like when Pokemon was everywhere.

Like, obviously Pokemon is still very popular, but I mean it was everywhere. Back in the late 90s/early 2000s there was not a single goddamn square foot of human civilization that didn’t have Pokemon on it.

You could wake up in the morning, slide out from under your Pokemon blanket, and go to the kitchen to eat some Pokemon marshmallow cereal and a Pokemon pop-tart. Then you get driven to school while listening to the Pokemon soundtrack CD your parents have very graciously allowed you to play in the car for the past three months.

It’s classtime. You’re doodling pictures of Pokemon inside your Pokemon notebook. You crush the lead on your Pokemon pencil with the Pokemon pencil topper, so you borrow a Pokemon pencil sharpener from your friend, who pulls it out of her Pokemon backpack with Pokemon keychains on it.

Time for lunch. Your lunchbox? Pokemon, of course, though you can hardly see it underneath all the Pokemon stickers you’ve plastered over it. Inside you find a Pokemon fruit roll-up, a pb&j sandwich made with jelly from a collectible Pokemon jelly jar, and a box of apple juice. (The apple juice is not Pokemon-themed, but your mother has drawn a crude approximation of a Bulbasaur on it, because she loves you.)

Then recess, glorious recess. Half the kids run around the playground, pretending to either be wild Pokemon or Team Rocket members. The other half bring out their Pokemon cards. Anyone who hasn’t brought their own alternates between discussing Pokemon card strategy and how excited they are for the upcoming Pokemon movie (so excited.) Somewhere in the back of your mind you notice Kevin isn’t here, but rumor is he managed to smuggle in an entire Game Boy and is hiding in the middle of the playground structure.

School’s out. You read your Pokemon Handbook in the car on the way to get some after-school fast food, with which you get one of an astounding number of Pokemon toys. Back home, you watch one of your favorite Pokemon episodes on tape (they’re all your favorite) and color in your Pokemon coloring book. Your parents, sophisticated adults that they are, read the lastest issue of Time magazine - which has a Pokemon cover story.

Then you have Pokemon-shaped macaroni and cheese for dinner, brush your teeth with a Pokemon toothbrush, and cuddle your Pokemon stuffed animals as you fall asleep.


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Yes. It is exactly what you think it is.

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I want this giant Fennekin but I know my cat would fight it.

I want this giant Fennekin but I know my cat would fight it.


You’re lying if you say that this song doesn’t get your blood red hot in first 5 seconds of hearing it.

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thinking about disability and mental illness in the pokemon world is pretty wild

a slowking who is always calm and ready to help when their trainer is having an anxiety attack or a breakdown

a blissey who lays its happiness eggs to help its trainer with depression

a gardevoir who uses its psychic black hole ability to prevent its trainer from getting sensory overload

a lucario reading its epileptic trainers aura to watch out for episodes

a munna helping a trainer with insomnia avoid bad dreams and sleep peacefully

a sylveon using its ribbons to calm someone who’s been badly triggered 

And what about pokemon trained to help blind trainers, like zubat, golbat and crobat or other cave pokemon, as well as poochyena and houndoom like service dogs

And psychic pokemon or unknown aiding deaf trainers with communication

I’m also fascinated with the idea of more humanoid pokemon learning sign language to communicate with deaf trainers. If meowth can learn to talk, mr. mime and others can certainly learn the pokemon regions equivalent of signing

go further

a ditto mimicking the shape of a wheelchair so that their trainer will have assistance (pokemon powered!) on hard hills or when they get tired

or fighting types that are used not for fighting but as vital assistants for accessibility and mobility- machamp pushing wheelchairs and effortlessly lifting said chairs (and occupants) over steps; hariyama cradling their trainers in one hand when they get fatigued or chronic pain starts up, and carrying them around gently; hitmonlee with their super-steady legs and fighting-honed balance providing a good support to trainers with balance issues. 

or nonverbal trainers that rely on their psychic pokemon (or pokemon like lucario) to translate their thoughts telepathically to other people when they can’t form words or signs

or autistic trainers with dragon types that sit next to them and allow their trainers to stroke their scales, the bumpy-smooth texture perfect for stimming with

minccino being absolutely vital to keeping the spaces of asthmatic trainers clean to not trigger an asthma attack; those same trainers cuddling with a water type that keeps their environment at the right humidity and temperature while they sleep to aid their breathing

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I…I did it. 

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That’s quite a hat.

That’s quite a hat.